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Adopt our multi-platform solutions and optimize your management

All our solutions are delivered in multi-platform versions to allow you to decentralize and save time and money in entering your transactions
decentralize and save time and money in entering your transactions

Browse our business management solutions by sector


Our range of management software packages for the health sector, from liberal professions to clinics, covering the entire profession, doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives. Multi-user tools and with assistant module


A range of dedicated business management software, encompassing all the transactional tools to manage your business from order to final reports. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or distributor, small store or large surface, you will find what you need here


We have developed management solutions for workshops, single craftsman or group workshops, our tools will help you organize your work, manage your activity and offer you technical resources specific to each activity.


Solutions intended for professionals in the automotive field, mechanic garage management, washing stations, spare parts store, private parking, including technical resources specific to the automotive sector in general ... etc.


Our selection of the most powerful utilities and tools for individuals, personal information manager, internet assistant, office tools and more. Find here the right software for your daily concerns.

Kids & Education

From learning and entertainment software for kids to study assistants for students and various educational software and learning tools, our range of kids & education tools


Programming assistance tools, resource collectors, report editors and statistics generators as well as work organization software for any programmer, whether in software programming or web design. Also discover our open source contributions in components and various resources.


Software suites dedicated to public or private organizations, associations, non-profit organizations or any other type of association, manage your activities, your members as well as the planning of your events in a professional and shared way.

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